Michael H. Goldman, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Michael H. Goldman, M.D., F.A.C.C. prides itself with the one-on-one quality care that is provided to our patients. Our practice is committed to high quality patient care in an ever-changing health care environment. Dr. Goldman recognizes the importance of cost-effective care, yet he strives to create a personal and relaxed atmosphere. 

Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of the field of Cardiovascular Disease and Dr. Goldman is Board Certified in Cardiology. 

Our practice covers all aspects of cardiology including:

  • Coronary Artery Disease 
  • Congenital Heart Disease 
  • Cardiology Consultations 
  • Echocardiograms 
  • Stress Echocardiograms 
  • EKG Readings 
  • Holter Monitors 
  • Event Recorders 
  • Hypertension 
  • Heart Disease in Women 

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art cardiology care in a personalized setting for our patients. We provide you and your family with information so you can understand the problem, diagnostic tests, and treatments. 

Patients are seen by referral from other physicians, as well as by self-referral, as permitted by their insurance plans. Dr. Goldman participates as a cardiologist with many insurance plans.

The office is fully equipped with all non-invasive testing techniques, including:


Dr. Goldman performs nuclear testing (including Exercise Cardiac Perfusion Imaging, Dobutamine Cardiac Perfusion Imaging, Adenosine Cardiac Perfusion Imaging) at a nearby, state-of-the-art radiology facility. 

Our professional staff provides the very latest in cardiology services in an environment conducive to personalized care. We treat your concerns in a supportive and confidential setting and include you and your family as members of your healthcare team.

Consultation with Dr. Goldman

Your initial consultation with Dr. Goldman is extremely important.  This initial consultation is your introduction to Dr. Goldman, who will obtain a detailed history of your problem and perform a thorough examination of your heart and vascular system. 

The history of your problem will also include asking you questions about other diseases and symptoms, a medical history of your close relatives, and information about the risk factors that lead to coronary disease (hardening of the arteries), elevated cholesterol and other fats in your blood, high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking. Dr. Goldman will also want an exact list of your medications and the dose and frequency that they are taken, as well as any history of medication, allergies or intolerances. It is helpful if you bring a list of your medications with you, or bring the medicine containers themselves. Pertinent information, especially test results, from other doctors should be brought with you for review.

At the completion of your initial consultation, Dr. Goldman will usually have a reasonable impression about the nature of your problem and what additional tests will likely be required to further clarify the diagnosis. You can help him by being thorough, but also concise in supplying the above information in response to his questions.

Patients consistently rank Dr. Goldman’s practice as excellent in medical care and office procedures. Sample comments from patient surveys include:

  • “My husband and I are devoted patients. We trust Dr. Goldman’s expertise and know that he deeply cares about his patients. If only there were more doctors like him!”
  • “I continue to come to see Dr. Goldman because I know that I will receive the best medical care available. His bedside manner is professional while it is caring and sensitive and most importantly, honest. He removes the fear of being ill. He provides hope regardless of the condition. Based on my past, my fear of doctors was always prevalent. Dr. Goldman was instrumental in a culture change for me.”
  • “I highly value Dr Goldman’s: 1. knowledge; 2. thoroughness; 3. monitoring of tests over time; 4. blend of practical and theoretical knowledge; and 5) his “no nonsense” highly efficient communication skills.”
  • “Doctor and all staff are completely focused on my condition when I am visiting; alert to what may be different or need attention”

  • “excellence and professionalism; thoroughness and caring; willingness to take time to thoroughly evaluate”
  • “confidence in the doctor and his staff; I walked in and felt at home; staff is very nice and friendly; doctor explained everything in detail; thoroughness of the exam could not have been better”


Understanding Your Heart

Your heart is a muscular pump about the size of your fist and its primary function is to pump oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. It is made up of four chambers, the right and left atria on the top, and the right and left ventricles on the bottom. The septum is a thin muscular wall that separates the right and left sides of the heart. Each contraction of the heart occurs in response to an electrical impulse that originates in the upper portion of the heart. Blood is moved in a closed circuit through the body by the pumping of the heart. The heart contracts and pumps blood out to the body (systole) and relaxes to fill with more blood (diastole).

The heart muscle itself is like all other organs in the body and requires oxygen to function. The oxygen-rich blood is circulated to the heart muscle through the coronary arteries. There are two main arteries: the right coronary artery and the left main coronary artery, both originating from the aorta (the main blood vessel of the body). These vessels then branch off into smaller and smaller vessels along the surface of the heart.

In studying and testing the heart, it is important to understand which system in the heart is having problems:

  • Electrophysiology
    - Is the conduction system (the wiring) in the heart following the normal pathway?

  • Coronary Circulation
     - Is the heart muscle getting adequate blood supply and oxygen through the coronary arteries (the plumbing)?

  • Cardiac Contractility
     - Is the pumping function of the heart muscle capable of circulating blood to the rest of the body?


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